Mersea Island

These are some random pictures taken on Mersea Island last weekend.

It’s an island by virtue of being cut off from the rest of Essex twice a day for about one week every month when the tide brings the water up to around 5m. Even at it’s worst this only stops traffic for a maximum of 90 minutes. Even so, it’s worth checking the tide tables before traveling. I guess, to be fair, these could have been taken anywhere and it would be hard to place them on Mersea.

I was shooting RAW of course but with mono jpegs saved alongside. Some of these are little more than cropped jpegs straight out of the camera. I did make a mistake, however. Because it was a bright contrasty day I dialled back the contract in the camera so some of the jpegs are a bit flat. Those ones I reprocessed from RAW. The boat was overlayed with a silver efex layer to bring out some extra structure and the colours muted. It was a good day from sky but I elected to go to town on only one of them.

Thanks for looking.

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