Zoo Animal Portraits

Animal Portraits

Zoo Animal Portraits - Plains Zebra

Plains Zebra

I really enjoy capturing animal portraits but these are almost always taken with the subject in captivity. I have every admiration for dedicated wildlife photographers but there are at least two reasons I’ll leave them to practice it without me.

The first reason is the time and effort needed to photograph animals and birds in the wild. Finding a location, camping out until the specimen arrives, carrying lenses about the same length and weight as a rocket launcher all sound like a nightmare to me. Waiting motionless for hours in the cold and wearing camouflage clothing seems even worse. Have a look at this website for some great amateur wildlife shots.

Secondly, wildlife pictures normally be presented without much by way of manipulation. They would normally be straight out of the camera with only minor adjustments. I love natural pictures but that I don’t want to be inhibited on how they should be finished. Most of the pictures here have been through a fair amount of manipulation but each one tries to tell a story.

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