Phil Dockerill would-be photographer

Mono portrait by Robert Campbell

Phil Dockerill Photography is a direct consequence of something that happened in 2013. After a gap of over 20 years, I picked up a camera with the intention of trying to take some serious pictures.

Although I was once quite keen on learning to be a decent photographer it stopped when my son arrived and I wanted to be in there and involved rather than standing on the sidelines taking pictures. The new kit was a Nikon (for which we can partially blame Paul Simon) and it was digital which effectively meant learning things from scratch. Well, maybe not everything. Good composition is still good composition, there is still a relationship between shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity of the receptor, and depth of field still depends on focal length, aperture and distance to the object. But there was still a vast amount to learn.

The biggest change is that processing is now so much easier than with film, and there is much less mess! This is handy because I learned really early that the camera doesn’t so much take pictures as capture data. Jpegs straight out of the can are actually the scene interpreted remotely by the camera manufacturer through their software. This is fine for many people but I prefer a greater degree of control. If nothing else, great exposure with a digital camera is where the most data is captured. However this often means slightly over exposing the “frame” which in turn demands corrective action in post. As a result, learning to use the camera is only half the job. Phil Dockerill Photography is supposed to accelerate the learning process.

Why Phil Dockerill Photography

Rustic table and chair with plates and candelabra set with semperivums.

Study of any subject is a great thing but the only way to become a better photographer is to take photographs. To read, to take criticism, to look at pictures created in any medium – these are all really helpful but there is no progress without being out there with the kit. Henri Cartier-Bresson said that “Your first 10,000 photographs are the worst” and the aim is to get those over with a quickly as possible. Phildockerill.net is here to encourage outings and projects and provide momentum for photographic activity. It is the excuse for and the target what passes for my photography, a catalogue and a personal record.

Actually, it doesn’t matter that much if anyone else ever sees it.

Edmonton Camera Club

I joined Edmonton Camera Club a couple of years ago having tested a couple of others where I didn’t feel entirely comfortable. It was a great move. The members are welcoming and there are interesting things to do. It’s a real pleasure spending time with like minded people and testing progress by entering competitions. If you are anywhere nearby, check the ECC website and come along.

Phil Dockerill Mortgage Advice

And when I’m not taking pictures my day job is advising people on mortgages – you can find HQ Mortgage & Finance Ltd here. It goes further though, I supervise mortgage brokers and training new entrants in mortgage exams.